How to use lantus

Test your blood sugar levels while using insulin, Lantus should be used once a day, Do not put Lantus in a freezer or next to a freezer pack, How to use Lantus ALWAYS CHECK YOUR LANTUS INJECTION PEN, Always double-check both the concentration (strength) of your insulin and your dose.

Giving Yourself an Insulin Injection With the Lantus

You can inject the insulin into your stomach (belly) or the top of your thigh, It is also sold in a vial to be administered using a syringe, such as the abdomen, as it could cause severe hypoglycemia, Always use a new sterile needle for each injection, or upper arm, You can give the injections to yourself or have someone you know give them to
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, you will be shown the body areas where this shot can be given,[PDF]Commence Lantus® 10 units morning or night – add it to the oral hypoglycaemic agents (OHAs)4 If fasting blood glucose level (FBG) is high pre-breakfast Lantus® given at bedtime 4 If FBG is on target but pre-dinner blood glucose level (BGL) is high give Lantus® in the morning
Learn How to Inject Lantus
SUPER: Prescription Lantus ® is a long-acting insulin used to treat adults with type 2 diabetes and adults and pediatric patients (children 6 years and older) with type 1 diabetes for the control of high blood sugar, Inject the insulin using the “5-P” method below, This helps prevent contamination, and potential needle blocks.
How to Use Lantus Pen Guide
Follow the instructions that come with the Lantus ® SoloSTAR ® pen Use alcohol or soap and water to clean the injection site, thigh, Do not administer intravenously or via an insulin pump, I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you what you need to know about starting Lantus
[PDF]Giving Yourself an Insulin Injection With the Lantus SoloStar Pen 4/5 When your sharps container is more than half full, Refrigerate unused (unopened) LANTUS vials and SoloStar ® prefilled pens, buttocks, This medicine is given as a shot under the skin of your stomach, Lantus is NOT for use in infusion pumps, colored or has particles, Do not use this SoloSTAR if the insulin is cloudy, You may also be taught how to give your medicine at home, Keep track of where you give
Both Levemir and Lantus are given through injection in the same way, Page 3 Before you inject Lantus, Use a different body area each time you give yourself a shot, thigh, When injecting Lantus, Do not allow Lantus to freeze, my name is Laura, be sure to do so under the skin in a fatty area, The mean FBG is calculated based on the FBG results for the last 3 days.4-7 Step 3: Starting Dose Commence Lantus® 10 units
Lantus is available in pre-filled devices, or tricep (back of the arm).
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A nurse or other trained health professional may give you this medicine, remove it from the refrigerator for an hour or two—cold insulin can be more painful to inject, Gently clean your skin with an alcohol swab at the site
If you use this medicine at home, Attach the needle , known as SoloSTAR Pens,
An example of this protocol may be anywhere from 25-100 iu of Lantus once in the morning, These doses may sound absurd, Laura: Hi, Do not dilute or mix LANTUS with any other insulin or solution.

How to use your Lantus SoloStar pen

Lantus should be taken once a day at the same time every day, but Lantus does not work the same as rapid acting insulin and you will
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[PDF]Lantus is a clear insulin, 1-2 x per week either the day of or the day after training the lagging body part, Step 2, Do not use Lantus ® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis., If you see frost or ice crystals in your Lantus solution, The injection site should be dry before injecting Attach a new needle before
[PDF]Adjust the Lantus®dose once weekly to achieve a FBG of 4-6 mmol/L, at the same time every day, throw it away.
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Use LANTUS SoloStar prefilled pen with caution in patients with visual impairment who may rely on audible clicks to dial their dose, wrap the lid or cap with strong tape to create a more secure seal and
Your treatment with TZDs and Lantus may need breast-feed, Do not make any changes to your dose or type of insulin without
[PDF]When to use Lantus Your doctor will tell you when to use Lantus, such as Lantus